A Perfect Way to Enjoy Spring

When everything is in full bloom and the weather is warming up, a hot air balloon ride is a great way to enjoy the area Hot Air Ballooning Northampton MAin one of its most beautiful forms. After a long snowy winter, the view of bushy green trees and fields of flowers, crops, and animals is nothing short of stunning.


Regardless of season, hot air ballooning offers amazing sights and an overall experience unlike any other. However, there’s something especially unique about a ride when the air is finally fresh again after several cold months.


One of the most exciting parts about hot air balloon rides is letting the winds carry you away on an unexpected adventure. There’s no better way to let loose and relieve some stress than up there in the sky.


Spring is a time for growth, and in the balloons, you may even find new friendships flourishing. Hot air balloons can fit up to four people with a pilot, so if you’d like to, you can ride with a couple of strangers and make some new friends! After all, spending an hour over a thousand feet from the ground is a wonderful time to get to know someone.


Hot Air Balloon Rides MassachusettsWhat’s better than champagne in springtime? It became a tradition to have champagne after a hot air balloon ride long before Aerostat Promotions did it. The tradition was born in the early days of hot air ballooning in France, when the French pilots would offer champagne to landowners after they landed on their property. It was a way to say, “thank you for not harming us for landing on your corn field.”


Trust us when we say, you will never look at spring the same once you see it blooming from a hot air balloon!

Written by Rich Giusto

Rich Giusto

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