Recent flights

Recent flights

So far this year we have made 3 flights, more would have happened but the weather held us back. The 3 flights where just great, photos of reflections in the river and views of the valley that are breathtaking. I have lots of room if you are intrested, just contact me and we will set you up for aride that you will never forget.


SPRING IS ALMOST HERE, Now is the time to reserve your flight, most weekends are open at this time, your bording pass is good for 7 years but you need to boodk as soon and as many times as possible to insure your great flight. Looking forward  to flying with you Continue Reading

A Perfect Way to Enjoy Spring

When everything is in full bloom and the weather is warming up, a hot air balloon ride is a great way to enjoy the area in one of its most beautiful forms. After a long snowy winter, the view of bushy green trees and fields of flowers, crops, and animals is nothing short of stunning.… Continue Reading