Hot Air Balloon Photo Gallery

Hot air ballooning gives a new, stunning view of the landscape with a thrilling ride through the sky. Explore the full splendor of Amherst, Northampton, Springfield and Longmeadow, MA in the open air from the vantage of your vivid balloon and enjoy an original escapade with family or friends.

Aerostat Promotions gives you a safe, thrilling flight over Massachusetts’ scenic Pioneer Valley, woodlands, rivers, and a patchwork of numerous hamlets. Hot air balloons give you the smooth, exhilarating sensation of flying with the comfort and closeness of a personal, open-air flight. You can coast through the blue sky or a sunset view with family, friends or dates and witness the landscape from the heavenly views and safety of your basket. Hot air ballooning is a feast for the eyes from the circus-like amazement of the giant, colorful balloons to the woodlands and wildlife below and up to the brilliant azure skyline.

Take a look at the photos below to catch some sights from our hot air ballooning adventures. Contact us when you’re ready to see for yourself!